Henscke Wines- Fine Wine Making Since 6 Generations

Nice article on Henschke Wines following recent appearance of Hill of Grace on the Wine Show. I have yet to try but looking forward to it!

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The stories of winemakers are fascinating and inspiring. These show how efforts of not one but many generations have gone into the wines which are famous brands today. One such story is of Henschke family. To this date, it is their sixth generation overseeing creation of finest Henschke wines in their own tradition. This write-up will briefly touch upon their history, mention their wine range and where are grapes of these wines grown.

Lets first move back in history to the year 1841, when the first patriarch Johann Christian Henschke moved from Kutschlau in Brandenburg province to South Australia on a 98 day ill-fated voyage which saw death of his wife, son and daughter, but two sons survived. Families of his other two brothers also moved with him and got settled in South Australia. After Johann, the next generations that were at helm of affairs were led by following people:

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