Margaret River – Who’d have thought it?

On my journey around Australia, courtesy of the Sydney Wine Academy, I came across this Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend. I’m sorry I don’t know in what proportion but going by the taste I would predict about 35% Merlot, its smooth and not as tannic as a higher proportion Cabernet so hang me if I am way out. The merlot certainly gives it a highly drinkable quality in such a young wine.

The producer is A.C.Byrne & Co who I have to confess I could find out much about them. Aldi seems to stock them so it could be a made up label for the supermarket but according to the internet their wines have won many awards and I am not surprised.

IMG_1668At a price point of AUD $9.99 it was great value and very drinkable. I tasted the 2016, 14.2% alcohol it was clear with medium intensity, purple with a red tinge and looks young. On the nose it is clean with a light intensity. Lots of fruit on the nose and young. Slightly sweet fruits like Strawberries rather than blackberries and plums as per the label (or maybe that’s just me!). The taste was quite well balanced and low tannins but there are some there. Warm feel so quite high alcohol, medium body. Good balance of fruit and berries. Tastes a bit like Sweeties (Candy/Lollies). A very pleasant drinking wine. Good texture and balance but not complex, short finish.

I asked my partner to blind taste it and she put it at between $25 and $30. Not bad for an unknown producer from Aldi so I’d say it was worth a try and let me know what you think. Happy drinking.



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