Central Victorian Shiraz – Lovely everyday drinking red wine.

I don’t know about you but in the past I’ve been a bit snobbish about buying my wine from places like ALDI and supermarkets in general. I have to say that since my virtual trip around Australia started I’m starting to become a convert and have already discovered some very drinkable bottles that have been a delight on their own or great with food.

Tudor 2015 Shiraz is one such wine, a lovely wine for everyday drinking that won’t break the bank and stands up well against bottles twice or three times the price. Whoever is doing the buying for ALDI in Australia is doing a fantastic job and this is no exception.

IMG_2053From Central Victoria it is different from the Hunter Valley and Canberra and I’m looking forward to trying a few from South Australia to see how it compares. For the time being here are my thoughts:

It is a clear deep purple in colour so immediately you think here is a young relatively unsophisticated wine. It’s very fruity on the nose, clean with a medium intensity and slightly sweet fruits like strawberry and juicy blackberries come through. As always it’s best you make your own notes on this so you will recognize it again. Not a long lasting smell on the nose so again it implies young and not overly complex but it’s very pleasant nonetheless.

IMG_2049It has a medium to full bodied taste. Almost like a slightly bitter Port but not in a really unpleasant sort of way. No tannins to speak of and it has a nice warmth in the mouth with a long finish of alcohol. Medium intensity of flavor, fruits do not last long in the mouth. Good balance of acidity and fruit so very drinkable now and will be for a few years if you can be bothered.

I like this wine, it tastes good and is easy to drink. It makes a nice change to a drinkable Merlot or Pinot Noir, either with or without food. A nice full bodied wine to have with pasta or steak that won’t break the bank balance. I certainly would not be embarrassed serving it at a BBQ or dinner party and for those of you who like a good full bodied red then this is a great choice at the cheap end of the scale. It is young and ready for drinking, I don’t think it will improve with age but a couple of years will do it no harm. Great value at AUD $12.99 from ALDI.




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