If you like Bordeaux Style wines try this…

I’ve nearly finished my course and will be disappointed when its finished. That said I am still working my way around the regions and States and the course tutor has come up with some cracking wines to try at a range of prices to suit every pocket.

Today I was excited to learn all about the Margaret River With its coastal location it is not surprising that the climate has a strong maritime element and has been compared to Bordeaux. The region is surrounded by the ocean on three sides and the maritime climate provides natural assistance from the wind, rain and sun at mostly the right time.

South of Perth it’s not exactly accessible but is building a reputation for quality and I have to say the few wines I’ve tasted from the region are spot on. Classic grape varieties led by Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay can only bode well and boy do they deliver!

I’m going to highlight a VERY drinkable wine at the mid price range. I was attracted to it because apparently this winemaker also produces a top of the range Cabernet Sauvignon at over AUD $120 a bottle so in my mind any secondary wine from the same stable is well worth a try.

Moss Wood Amy’s 2014 vintage was my choice. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec spoke to me in terms of a wine designed to please but careful thought gone into the making of the wine. The Soil in this region is coarse sandy loam and is slightly elevated. The gravelly or gritty sandy loam that has formed directly from the underlying granite and gneissic rock. The soils are highly permeable when moist but moisture is quickly shed from sloping sites. All of this bodes well as the vines will have to work harder to reach the moisture and the grapes will have an intensity of flavour, more so than grapes grown in areas where they have not had to work so hard.

I could not find from their website the exact proportions of the grapes used in the 2014 vintage but what was interesting was that not all four grape varieties were used in previous vintages so this is a wine still being developed and I suspect getting better every year.

Their own tasting notes are as follows:

Colour and condition: youthful deep, plum red hue; bright condition.

Nose: a classic young Cabernet nose, with lively and fragrant aromas of black and red currants and satsuma plums. It has a complex background displaying white pepper spice, earth and tar and some very soft oak notes. The longer it spends in the glass, the more intense it becomes.

Palate: the young Cabernet theme continues with a mouth feel that is full bodied and generous, with concentrated black fruit flavours, sitting over a firm but balanced structure of acidity and tannins. It combines great length and an appealing juiciness for satisfying early drinking.

I admit their own description is a touch over the top for me but you get the message. 2014 is 14% alchohol, 2015 is 14.5% so be prepared for a nice ride to pleasure town and if you get hold of a bottle of 2014 I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy and see you soon.



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