The business behind Economy Class Wines

Great article by the Wine Wankers on economy flights wine choices. Really insightful and well researched. Loved it!

The Wine Wankers

Following on from our recent tips on which wine to choose while flying economy, we now pull back the curtain dividers to see how an airline chooses its Economy Class wines.

Not all economy class wines are the same

Many airlines take their wine selection process seriously, and for many others, it’s an afterthought. Generally speaking, budget airlines where you have to pay for your wine tend to have innocuous offerings, whereas the major international carriers where the alcohol is given out freely is where you’ll score better quality wines. There is major competition for your flying dollar at this level, and they realise wine could be a deciding factor on which carrier you fly with.

These airlines employ highly esteemed winemakers, wine writers and Masters of Wines to choose the on board selection. Being Australian, I get to fly Qantas a lot, it uses a crack team of…

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