Te MATA’s AWATEA Cabernets/Merlot 2015

Mellow, creamy, under tones of vanilla and raspberries and ice cream. What a lovely wine. It’s a Cabernets/ Merlot blend so right in the middle of my perfect sweet spot and comes from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

The vintage is 2015 and I think I paid about $34.99 NZD ($38.99 AUD in Dan Murphy’s) for it in a very nice food emporium called Moore Wilsons in Wellington. The wine slides down on its own and didn’t need food. I am sure a nice cheese board or anti pasta or even a steak would compliment this wine but drinking it on its own on a Sunday evening is perfect!

It’s so smooth. No tannins to speak of and just delicious to drink, you know one of those wines where you have a glass, don’t realize you’ve drunk it, have another and then another and before you know it the bottles empty.

Its ruby red to the edge of the wine, berries and plums are in there somewhere but the smooth creamy taste makes it a great wine for non red wine drinkers who claim not to like the stuff but associate it with rough tannin riddled cheap wine. The wine maker, Te MATA is one of the oldest in New Zealand and was established in 1896. They have been making this wine since 1982 and in 2015 the final blend is 45% cabernet sauvignon, 41% merlot, 14% cabernet franc.

IMG_2600This is a classic blend, designed to please and has a great balance of fruit, acidity, longevity and subtly. It would be unfair to compare it to Bordeaux but the similarities are striking. If you can get hold of a bottle buy it, drink it now or keep it for a few years, either way you won’t regret it.

Buy a cork screw as well!


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